Who can get certified? 

Any food supplier in any form. 


What is needed for certification? 

Basic identification of the responsible person and of the entity. 


For how long is the certificate valid? 

12 months since the date of authorization. 


What is the cost and the output? 

3 USD per the certified product / 12 months.  Code is provided to beneficiary. 


How can the certification be verified? 

Every certificate is publicly available under respective code. 


What is needed for the certification process? 

a. product description (photos, product description) 

b. production field identification (GPS, photos)

c. third party aval (personality with credentials or organization) 


Who validates the data accuracy? 

Comittee of NoMonocultures.org of publicly disclosed members with moral and professional credentials. 

The information is publicly disclosed. 


What is the authorization procedure and how much time it takes? 

The 3/4 vote of the comittee leads to authorization. Provided sufficient documentation is available, it can take 48 - 72 hours.