Holon ID      Date of foundation  Lead Certifier  Description   
hRHERHANDEZ 6.3.2022 RHERNANDEZ IT services / companies in Mexico City.   
hCAJ-2202051 5.2.2022 2202051 Focus on mexican state of Guanajuato and native tribes in Mexican Federation.   
hJMEM 24.1.2022 JMartin EspinosaM Holon active on international level  
 hNSanchez 23.1.2022 NSanchez Holon active in central and southern Mexico, nopal production   
hWEBOATRI 7.1.2022 WEBOATRI Holon active in Southern Ghana, general agriculture   
hYLARENAS 6.1.2022 YLARENAS  Holon active in central Mexico, avocado production 


H2111174 5.1.2022 2201061 Holon active in Mexico, with focus on small-scale rural agricultural production and urban distribution, often less formal.   
H2111173     18.11.2021  2111173 Minimalistic holon focused on simplicity and food distribution in European Union.   
 HCRUZJ 17.12.2021   Cruz, John Holon without ideology and focus, no particular characteristics