athe cultivation or growth of a single crop or organism especially on agricultural or forest land
ba crop or a population of a single kind of organism grown on land in monoculture
Source: Merriam-Webster
Monoculture defined by Certificate     The cultivation or growth of a single crop or organism in an area greater than 1 are
1 Are   

An are is 1/100 of is a metric unit of area equal to a square with 10-metre sides, or 100 m2.

NoMonocultures Trust Holon (NMTH)   Holon of trust, founded by the First Order Certifier at the top of the trust line. The First Order Certifier is by default member of the Certification Board.  NMTH can overlap, meaning that members of holons can be First Order founders of other holons. 
Types of Authorizations   




Certification Board    

The CB is the key structure that approves Certifiers, who certify Producers, Businesses, Institutions or Consumers. Any Certifier is invited by either a Certification Board member or an already existing Certifier. The Inviting Certifier bears the moral responsibility for the conduct of the  Invited Certifier. Hierarchy of trust in other words. The Certification Board members are Certifiers with minimum 1 year interaction experience with NM.

Certifiers    Certifiers certify producers, businesses, institutions or consumers. A Certifier is the ultimate guarantor responsible for the commitment and veracity of data provided by invitees. The Certifier bears the moral responsability for the certification he or she performed. 
Administration Board    The AB manages operations of, manages databases, guards the algorithm and is the certifier of the last resort.