Certification Board, Holons and Administration Board 


Certification Board 

Members of the Certification Board are certifiers who have the right to create holons and certify producers, non-producing organizations, and consumers. 1st order certifiers can create 2nd order certifiers. The 2nd order certifiers can certify producers, non-producing organizations and consumers, but cannot create certifiers nor create new holons. 2nd order certifiers can become 1st order certifiers after a probation period of 1 year and a unanimous vote of members of Certification Board. 


Administration Board 

Administration Board manages the functioning of the central mechanism, from the provision of certification codes, central web management, and internal communication. 



Holons are units of trust, founded and guarded by founding certifiers, who create certifiers of 2nd order, certify producers, consumers and non-producing organizations. They respect basic rules of the certification mechanism, yet can adopt and transform the system to their view.