How to get involved


1. Ask: who is your Certifier? Ask the Certifier. If you have none, write us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


1.1. provide to your Certifier information about a producer / organization worth and willing to be certified

 Producer certification conditions:

a) drift away from monoculture production

b) long term sustainability commitment 

c) your trust 




 Organization certification conditions:

a) at least 2% of the regular monthly consumption / product sales are related to certified product sources 

b) long term sustainability comittment 

c) your trust


Your certifier will let you know about further steps.   


1.2. Alternatively, you can certify yourself as Certified Consumer 

 Consumer certification conditions:

a) at least 5% of the regular monthly food consumption are employing certified product sources 

b) long term sustainability commitment 

c) trust of the certifier 


2. Utility for Certifiers. What do I get as a Certifier? 

2.1. Opportunity to be part of a global holarchy trust  

2.2. If you are a certified consumer you are subject to discounts by certified producers - most are certifiers producers inclined to do so. 

2.3. Certifiers are able to reap 0.1-5% of transaction volumes from producers/organizations certified by themselves. More information is necessary in each case.  

2.4. Opportunity to found your own Trust Holon after few successful certifications.  


3. Utility for Certified ones. What do they get? 

3.1. Opportunity use certification brand and certification code number. This alone may help them sell / cement their trustworthiness.  The certificate

is an evidence that somebody conscious of the issue - trusts them within the given criteria. 

3.2. Opportunity to sell / provide services to new markets within the NM Holon network.  

3.3. Certified Consumers can get discounts by Certified Producers. This basically depends on each case, is voluntary and fully between the two parties.  


4. Exposition. Do I need to expose myself? 

4.1. Exposition is desired, but voluntary. You can use a code number instead of you name or an avatar. The identitary information will be guarded by the Board of Administration as private information and will be only exposed if you after your consent.  


General comments: The system is evolving slowly every day. Don´t search for perfection. There is none. The key pillar of the system is a thread of confidence between people, decentralized to a certain degree. This website and the organization is rather irrelevant. And so: "...ask your Certifier." If you don´t know any, write us info This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and will connect you to somebody close.